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D&D Mailing Services
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Do you know that D&D Mailing Services is the largest plastic wrapping company Australia and one of the largest mailing companies operating nationally? But we are more than that.

The type of packaging available is important and we can assist with:

  • Biowrap, degradable magazine film which is eco-friendly and is used by most publishers.
  • Home compostable magazine film, BiowrapC is now available.
  • Our machines can wrap your product in waterproof poly bag packaging film, degradable, home compostable, recycled and recyclable magazine film.

Need to know your Postage and Distribution Costs?

  • We can analyse your data and provide you with accurate mail and mailing costs for your domestic and overseas Print Post and eParcel mail.
  • Sydney mail house that specialises in Bulk Mail discounts.

Every service you need:

  • Among Australia’s largest mail processing services
  • High speed laser printing and print supply services
  • Cost-effective parcel and postal distribution analysis
  • Expertise in Australia Post regulations and services
  • ‘Pick and Pack’ warehousing services
  • Overseas mail inbound and outbound
  • Specialised hand finishing services

You don’t need to think about how we’ll ensure better, faster services – just tell us what you want and D&D will deliver.

Who are D&D?

D & D Mailing Services was formed in 1996 by two of Australia’s most experienced and knowledgeable mail handling operators. The formation of the Company represented the culmination of the collective views of its founders who believed the mail handling industry was being inadequately serviced in the plastic wrap area.

Biowrap - 100% Degradable WrappingWrap your magazine in Biowrap – exclusive to D&D Mailing Services

Biowrap was invented and patented at D&D Mailing Services and is now exclusively manufactured under licence and has a special manufacturing patent.

Customers come first

We successfully support some of Australia’s largest government departments, public and private organisations – and give exactly the same attention to every company big or small that chooses D&D.

No other company can match our production output or the security of our dual-site contingency plans.

Our Facilities

D&D has two ‘mirror’ sites, in Victoria and New South Wales, with a combined area of some 10,000 sq metres.

D&D Mailing Melbourne
ph: 03 9790 5844

D&D Mailing Sydney
ph: 02 9725 2114


D&D are proud of the work we supply – below are some testimonials from our happy customers.

We are a financially strong organisation, and since day one we have been backed by the National Australia Bank.

Through our seven years we have developed a working relationship with our business manager who has the utmost confidence in our ability to deliver what we promise.

Our contact at the bank is, Mr Philip Gillingham, who can be contacted on (03) 9767 9761.

To ensure that D&D’s clients receive the best possible service we have maintained an ongoing working relationship with senior staff at Australia Post as well as outstation workers on site at D&D.

Together, Australia Post and D&D ensure that all mail is processed in accordance with statutory regulations and is despatched in a timely and cost effective manner.

Contact David Power (03) 9299 4666.