D&D Mailing Services Company Profile

D&D Mailing Services (D&D) was formed over fifteen years ago by two of Australia’s most experienced and knowledgeable mail handling operators, David Sykes and David Docherty. The formation of the Company represented the culmination of the collective views of its founders who believed the mail handling industry was being inadequately serviced.

The Directors were motivated primarily by their many years experience in the industry as well as by frustrations expressed by their clients over this period. D&D was established to meet specific needs in an industry which had suffered from a reputation of poor service. D&D’s approach is based purely on providing the best quality service available. It is the Company’s corporate vision that clients’ needs are paramount, and must be met at all costs. D&D is owned by the same people who operate the Company. The bulk of the personnel have worked with the Directors for years (at D&D as well as in previous organisations), and the Company’s middle management has a financial stake in the Company’s success. In addition, values such as personal pride, total dedication, a willingness to succeed and years of experience set D&D apart from its competitors.

All of these factors have combined to produce a formidable mail handling organisation, which has resources equal to our largest competitors, yet is small enough to be able to offer personal service. Consequently, clients can readily draw on our staff’s collective expertise. In summary, D&D’s promise is to deliver personal service, where its clients gain both from its business approach as well as the combined skills of D&D personnel. The final result is a totally maintenance and hassle free catalogue distribution program run by D&D for each of its clients, where the client leaves all aspects, including negotiations with the printers to D&D.

DD Mail Quality Policy

At D&D we are proud of the quality services we provide.

  • We are continually seeking ways to improve our range of products and services.
  • We are committed to quality performance.
  • As an organisation and as individuals we will continually seek out the specific needs of those who depend on us.

D&D Mailing Melbourne
ph: 03 9790 5844

D&D Mailing Sydney
ph: 02 9725 2114